How I got myself started on reading books rather than watching series

Aug 7, 2017



…now I only read books. I don’t watch Series anymore!

Credits: This post is inspired by Tobias’s post and this Twitter conversation. Thankful for that. Big fan of Tobias works.


I had only watched series, movies earlier. Never read a single book. I always liked the idea of reading books, but never got myself around to it. Many years back I even bought 4 books together thinking that it would get me started. But I was wrong. Completed just one of them, that too in months!

In short, I wasn’t a ‘reader’ at all. I tried but failed. I was sort of disappointed with myself.

Getting started with it

Now it was time to take some hard decisions. I think it was 2014 when I was watching Game of Thrones. Obviously, I was hooked to that. I decided to pause GOT and start reading a book. I decided to only start GOT again after I’ve read that book. Guess what, I read that book like crazy because I wanted to watch GOT so badly. Eureka! It worked. I think I didn’t read any other book that quickly then. I started with GOT again and quickly decided to do that again, but with 2 books. I read them quickly too! This good me so much into books that I totally ditched watching series.

Yeah, you guessed it right, I left GOT in the middle! I’ve had my share of “How can you do that?”, “Nobody just stops with GOT at the middle” etc., but you can spare me that. But I’m glad to be liberated and got myself into that position where I don’t feel left out or doing the wrong thing. I’m happy that I made that decision and it gets itched again and again, one book after another.


Now I only read books, have stopped watching series altogether. I did watch Silicon Valley recently because I wanted to lighten it up a little, but that too after leaving GOT in 2014. Since I read mostly Self-Improvement or Productivity books, it does sometimes feel like I’m learning too much, I can chill-out sometimes.

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